Trip to Cartagena organized by The Ladies Asociacion Club

Asociacion de Mujeres has been invited by the President of the Murcia Regional Assembly, Dra. Rosa Peñalver Pérez for a tour around her offices in Cartagena, also known as the “Gaudí Building”. This is indeed an honour to be invited around this incredible building and will be an exceptional experience for us all.

The date we have been invited is Wednesday 10th April at 11:00h. The tour should last around an hour. Therefore we will leave Hacienda at 10:00h that morning. We have decided to go for lunch afterwards to a nearby Indian restaurant. We should be back at HDA about 16:00h.

The Ladies Association will be sponsoring this trip, so, the cost to each of you including lunch will be 10€, with a non-refundable deposit of 5€ please, unless you cancel more than 48 hours beforehand.

If you wish to come with us on this unique trip, please contact me by the usual means, either email on, or, by telephone on 678171925.

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